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Choosing a Surround and Mantel for Your Gas Fireplace

Gas Fireplace
One of the big benefits of installing a gas fireplace is the wide range of customization options. The firebox is relatively self-contained, and you don't need the same level of ventilation as with a wood-burning fireplace. Therefore, you can design a custom fireplace to fit your room and style.

Take a look at some of the most popular options for your gas fireplace surround and mantel.

Traditional Brick Facade

When it comes to classic fireplace design, brick is probably the number one material. A brick surround is ideal for any style of traditional or historical home.

With a brick facade, contractors typically use a veneer rather than actual stacked bricks. The veneer consists of clay or bricks which have been sliced thin. The contractors grout the brick in a manner similar to installing tile.

Traditional brick fireplaces look good with traditional mantels, which are typically made of wood. Many homeowners also choose mantels with furniture-style molding. If you want to emphasize the rich color of your bricks, consider a white mantel.

Luxurious Stone Facade 

A natural stone facade can range from rustic to upscale, depending on the style you choose. Contractors install such a surround in a similar manner as for brick. Stones for the veneer are usually slate, flagstone, or cobblestone, though you can choose from other options as well. You can also have manufactured stone installed.

Your choice in stone will greatly influence the fireplace's appearance. For instance, if you choose naturalistic flagstone, you'll have a rustic fireplace. You could choose a marble veneer for a luxurious appearance. A sleekly grouted slate fireplace can complement contemporary decor.

The mantel you choose for such a fireplace depends on the style. Varnished wood is common for rustic fireplaces. Traditional painted wood with furniture detailing is also considered upscale. If you have a modern-style fireplace, you may decide to omit the mantel to keep an overall minimalist look.

Southwestern Stucco Facade

A stucco fireplace presents a simple and clean facade. This material is common for specific styles of homes, especially Mission and Southwest styles. However, the minimalist appearance could work well in a modern home as well.

With stucco, you can play around with shapes a little more than with stone or brick. Many homeowners choose an arched header instead of the standard square. You can also have medallions embedded in the stucco. Another customization option is to have parts of the stucco colored differently to emphasize the shape.

Stained wood is a good complement to a stucco fireplace. However, many homeowners also choose to have the mantel covered in stucco.

Modern Glass Enclosure

Because of the minimalist nature of a gas firebox, you can deconstruct the fireplace to the bare minimum: the fire itself. Such a deconstruction is very modern in nature. Modern-style fireplaces often incorporate glass, resulting in a fireplace that's almost more of an art piece.

It's possible to have a mostly glass fireplace surround, with the contractors constructing an actual glass box. However, many homeowners combine glass with other traditionally modern materials, such as metal and concrete. For example, the base of the fireplace could be concrete, with a facade of metal and glass.

With modern glass enclosures, you often don't include a mantel. However, you could emphasize the geometric nature of your fireplace by having a stark metal or glass mantel installed.

Artistic Tile Facade 

If you want to add color to your fireplace design, consider having the surround tiled. With a tiled facade, your color and pattern options are almost unlimited.

Many homeowners choose tiled facades to match the color scheme in a room. However, you can use the colors in the tile to drive the color scheme. A tiled fireplace surround can look sleek if you choose monochromatic tiles, but it more often comes across as artistic or even whimsical with patterned tile.

A stained or painted white mantel looks good with a tiled fireplace surround. However, you'll want to keep any furniture detailing to a minimum so the mantel doesn't distract from the beauty of the tile.

Design a fireplace facade that complements the unique character of your home. Visit R & R Fireplace And Chimney for all of your fireplace needs.